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The general currency is earned through participation in the group by creating art or completing prompts.

Caps are the common currency used throughout Mynros for trade and commerce. This currency comes from a unique type of mushroom that is carefully kept from circulation by the leadership of the various islands. This particular mushroom maintains a consistent size and shape, this paired with their unique golden color and metallic sheen makes them perfect for use as a coinage. Careful cleaning and the application of a thin layer of mhoat silk provide a layer of protection that extends the life of these small mushroom caps, so they can circulate through the mhoat economy for years before being replaced.

False Sprouts

False Sprouts (Sprouts)

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Seasonal currency unique to the Spring Festival which runs during the spring season. This currency can be used in the Spring Fest Shop.

The arrival of spring marks the beginning of the growing season for a unique mushroom, False Sprouts. These small mushrooms are a delicacy unique to spring and have a mellow garlic flavor with a slight earthiness. Merchants will trade for these mushrooms alongside the usual caps during this season either to sell to the chefs of Mynros or to take home and create their own favorite seasonal meals.

Frosty Berries

Frosty Berries (Berries)

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Seasonal currency unique to the Starlight Gala which runs during the winter season. This currency can be used in the Starlight Gala Shop.

Winter may be a time of calm where Mynrosians spend much of their time inside, but it is also a season of flavor. The Starlight Gala marks a period in which determined mhoats will weather the cold for the chance to find a few clusters of Frosty Berries, either to eat, gift, or sell to the various merchants who can take advantage of this seasonal delicacy. The mushroom itself tends to be rather mellow and peppery with a hint of sweetness, but the little "berries" that grow in clusters on its surface are incredibly spicy, making them favored as a method to heat up a variety of dishes during these cold months.

Fungheist Flowers

Fungheist Flowers (Flowers)

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Held by: Users

Seasonal currency unique to the Slumbering Feast which runs during the fall season. This currency can be used in the Slumbering Feast Shop.

Fall is a season of connection, so it's unsurprising that the unique mushroom of this season should mirror this tradition. The fungheist flower is an od mushroom that seems to defy gravity in the areas where it surfaces. These ghostly fungi appear at night and float through the air, meaning that those seeking them often plan for late nights carrying around butterfly nets to capture the delicate treat.

Most chefs of Mynros don't cook with these edible flowers, as their flavor varies greatly from one Mynrosian to the next. However, the various merchants still gather these fungi to sell to families for a special Slumbering Feast tradition. This tradition is linked to their unique flavor, tasting like past meals or favorite foods shared with those they love, leading to families connecting special moments together with one another.

Golden Dice

Golden Dice (Dice)

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Held by: Users

This special currency is acquired by completing the different parts of the Timeless Explorers repeatable activity. This currency can be used in the Timeless Shop.

These specially crafted golden dice have been created by The Wizard, a mysterious figure running a strange game of history and exploration. As this currency circulates, buzz begins among various Mynrosians about the nature of the game. By taking part and completing the different tasks of this event promise generous rewards in the form of this currency, which can be redeemed in a unique shopfront offering items found nowhere else.

Pearlescent Sporepuffs

Pearlescent Sporepuffs (Puffs)

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This special currency is acquired by fulfilling tasks and quests that are assigned by the shopkeeper, Oracle. This currency can be used in the Oracle Shop, which is unlocked by acquiring an Oracle Key through the completion of an Oracle Quest.

This odd fungus is harvested by Oracle themself, gathered from hidden grottos across the ocean that they visit during their numerous travels. These odd water-based mushrooms are small bubble-like orbs that have translucent skin and are filled with jelly-like spores that when in water resemble air bubbles from a living creature. Outside of their decorative quality when kept in water, these odd fungi really only have value in Oracle's shop as they lack any distinct flavor or magic quality that may otherwise draw a Mynrosian's attention.

Saltie Shells

Saltie Shells (Shells)

Displays as: 0 Saltie Shells
Held by: Users

Seasonal currency unique to the First Light Festival which runs during the summer season. This currency can be used in the First Light Festival Shop.

As the turtonics travel to warmer waters, a peculiar type of mushroom begins to surface on the beaches. Shell collectors and foodies alike will flock to the beach to collect this special summer treat. They have a salty sweet flavor, similar to salted ice cream with the exterior of the fungus being crunchy while the inside is oddly creamy. Many vendors during the First Light Festival trade with merchants to hand out these unique treats, often applying a bit of iciness to better mimic the sensation of ice cream.

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