Land (Mhoats Subtype)

Land mhoats are the land-dwelling form of the species that can shift between quadrupedal and bipedal forms. They have spread across the many islands of Mynros and have a close symbiotic relationship with the turtonic islands, which means much of their settlement, habits, and culture centers around their role to maintain the lands they call home.


Aquatic (Mhoats Subtype)

Aquatic mhoats live throughout the various waters of Mynros from the deep oceans, the shallows around the island, and even the bodies of freshwaters on the islands themselves. They explore spaces and maintain parts of the turtonic island that their land-dwelling cousins cannot reach, but unlike land mhoats, they are unable to transform between different forms and have only the one.


Siren (Mhoats Subtype)

A land mhoat who has donned a seafoam cloak and can now transform freely between a normal and aquatic form. These mhoats aren't suited to life in the depths like their aquatic cousins, so they tend to travel in the shallows and remain close to turtonic islands or in aquatic settlements.

Note: While these mhoats resemble aquatic mhoats they are still held to land mhoat traits and design rules.


Kelpie (Mhoats Subtype)

An aquatic mhoat who has Kelpie Mantle and can now transform freely between aquatic and land form. These mhoats aren't suited to staying on land for a long time like their land-based cousins, so they tend to stay close to the water and remain close to the ocean or near seaside settlements.

Note: While these mhoats resemble land mhoats they are still held to aquatic mhoat traits and design rules.


Angelfly (Pets Subtype)

Delicate insects whose belly color changes based on their meal, often kept to make honey.


Arcko (Pets Subtype)

Burrowing Grole

Burrowing Grole (Pets Subtype)

An elusive creature that lives underground; they eat the rot and roots of mushrooms.


Caterpoggo (Pets Subtype)

Protector of mhoat nurseries, they are a common and well loves pet among mhoats.


Cattypillar (Pets Subtype)

Cattypillar are soft and cuddly creatures that are well-loved among mhoat; sweet and docile even when encountered out in the wild. They prefer nothing more than to laze about and soak up the sun, but their fast metabolism and singular focus when it comes to food mean they hunt voraciously for the various island parasites that hide underground among the roots of various mushrooms or just below the surface of larger mushrooms. Even burrowing under the ground to dig out a juicy morsel isn't beyond these otherwise lackadaisy little creatures, which is why mhoats that keep these little creatures of pets do well to keep a regular source of food around as they are prone to trouble.


Chargel (Pets Subtype)

This arboreal species is drawn toward the heights of forest canopies and live most of its life in solitude save for the few interactions shared with the meringue slug colonies that dwell below the forest floor. Dwelling in the trees allows these creatures to dig into the bark of trees to dig out small parasitic creatures that would otherwise harm their homes; alongside this, they use their horns to dig out small nests in the sides of trees which they call home so they have little reason to visit the forest floor. The reason for their life of solitude is that chargel are an extremely territorial species and when two enter the same territory they will fight until only one is run off by the victor. They are so well known for their aggressive nature that no one has actually observed a pair of chargel coming together, much less a young chargel living in the open. Given this, it is rumored that the chargel and meringue slugs' symbiotic relationship is an indication of the ability to interbreed or may even be the same species just misidentified as independent species by Mynrosian scholars.


Cheepy (Pets Subtype)

A little freshwater fish that seems to thrive in most locations, even places where other aquatic creatures are more scarce. They will often grow to fit their environment, most mhoats have an urban legend that when these creatures move into lakes or find their way to the ocean that they can become as large as sea serpents and that their appearance changes the larger they grow. Despite this, no mhoat has actually seen a cheepy much larger than the largest sea wyvern. When handled these little fish make a squeaky chirp at their smallest and a deep crow at larger sizes.


Cupidfly (Pets Subtype)


Eensie (Pets Subtype)

Miniature garden and slug friend; filter feeds on mushroom spores.


Feexl (Pets Subtype)

A slinky little creature that can wiggle it's way into most places. It is an apex predator among the reefs growing on turtonic islands, its powerful jaws meaning it can break pieces of coral to get to prey that hide in the thicker tangles. Those who study the animals present across the world seem to think Feexl may be a cousin of the fox o' lights and other related creatures, but any explanation for how this occurred is largely considered theory rather than fact.

Fox o' Lights

Fox o' Lights (Pets Subtype)

These fox-shaped lights are made up of many smaller light motes acting as a colony to create a larger body, these smaller motes often wander off from the main body to collect the natural magic in an area to feed the main body. Fox o' Lights found in areas with large concentrations of magic can become very large, filling an entire area with light but when they hit areas of low magic they can become very small and might even break into their individual light motes until they can reform in a more survivable area. Given this need to feed on the magic of the world, they tend to flock to areas where the magic is high, such as deep mushroom forests or other locations where the environment hasn't been altered by habitation. This does tend to make this particular pet rather elusive, but during the First Light Festival, many are drawn to the displays of magic that the light show and turtonic creation bring.


Foxylotl (Pets Subtype)

Freshwater counterpart of sea wyverns; they build nests into the sides of riverbanks.

Gliding Ray

Gliding Ray (Pets Subtype)

Airborne creatures often kept by harvesters; their firey vents create thermals for gliding.


Globie (Pets Subtype)


Gluttling (Pets Subtype)


Jollyglo (Pets Subtype)

A unique ocean creature that is seen sparingly throughout the year but gathers in large blooms during the First Light Festival, they are attracted by the excess of magic and the elation everyone feels during this time which means they light up the waves throughout the festival and will even take to the air when the celebration is at its height. Jollyglo are constructs of light and magic that require joyful emotions to solidify their form and leave the water, so they tend to only appear in moments where large celebrations occur. Otherwise, they tend to linger near the surface of the water, their form nearly invisible until something sparks their magic to make them physical once more. Those who keep jollyglo as pets tend to be fairly cheerful as the pet's proximity seems to help their mood, but they should always keep a tank of water around for when their jollyglo needs a little time to rest on the water's surface lest they dry out and disappear when negative emotions overtake their surroundings.

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