Frosty Berries

Frosty Berries (Berries)

Displays as: 0 Frosty Berries
Held by: Users

Seasonal currency unique to the Starlight Gala which runs during the winter season. This currency can be used in the Starlight Gala Shop.

Winter may be a time of calm where Mynrosians spend much of their time inside, but it is also a season of flavor. The Starlight Gala marks a period in which determined mhoats will weather the cold for the chance to find a few clusters of Frosty Berries, either to eat, gift, or sell to the various merchants who can take advantage of this seasonal delicacy. The mushroom itself tends to be rather mellow and peppery with a hint of sweetness, but the little "berries" that grow in clusters on its surface are incredibly spicy, making them favored as a method to heat up a variety of dishes during these cold months.

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