Fungheist Flowers

Fungheist Flowers (Flowers)

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Seasonal currency unique to the Slumbering Feast which runs during the fall season. This currency can be used in the Slumbering Feast Shop.

Fall is a season of connection, so it's unsurprising that the unique mushroom of this season should mirror this tradition. The fungheist flower is an od mushroom that seems to defy gravity in the areas where it surfaces. These ghostly fungi appear at night and float through the air, meaning that those seeking them often plan for late nights carrying around butterfly nets to capture the delicate treat.

Most chefs of Mynros don't cook with these edible flowers, as their flavor varies greatly from one Mynrosian to the next. However, the various merchants still gather these fungi to sell to families for a special Slumbering Feast tradition. This tradition is linked to their unique flavor, tasting like past meals or favorite foods shared with those they love, leading to families connecting special moments together with one another.

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