Pearlescent Sporepuffs

Pearlescent Sporepuffs (Puffs)

Displays as: 0 Pearlescent Sporepuffs
Held by: Users

This special currency is acquired by fulfilling tasks and quests that are assigned by the shopkeeper, Oracle. This currency can be used in the Oracle Shop, which is unlocked by acquiring an Oracle Key through the completion of an Oracle Quest.

This odd fungus is harvested by Oracle themself, gathered from hidden grottos across the ocean that they visit during their numerous travels. These odd water-based mushrooms are small bubble-like orbs that have translucent skin and are filled with jelly-like spores that when in water resemble air bubbles from a living creature. Outside of their decorative quality when kept in water, these odd fungi really only have value in Oracle's shop as they lack any distinct flavor or magic quality that may otherwise draw a Mynrosian's attention.

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