Chargel (Pets Subtype)

This arboreal species is drawn toward the heights of forest canopies and live most of its life in solitude save for the few interactions shared with the meringue slug colonies that dwell below the forest floor. Dwelling in the trees allows these creatures to dig into the bark of trees to dig out small parasitic creatures that would otherwise harm their homes; alongside this, they use their horns to dig out small nests in the sides of trees which they call home so they have little reason to visit the forest floor. The reason for their life of solitude is that chargel are an extremely territorial species and when two enter the same territory they will fight until only one is run off by the victor. They are so well known for their aggressive nature that no one has actually observed a pair of chargel coming together, much less a young chargel living in the open. Given this, it is rumored that the chargel and meringue slugs' symbiotic relationship is an indication of the ability to interbreed or may even be the same species just misidentified as independent species by Mynrosian scholars.

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