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This small, bipedal ball of fur is known for its general clumsiness and tendency to tumble wildly over its own two feet. It can often be seen in flower meadows or near flowering plants, swishing its tail and gathering pollen that it then transfers onto the surrounding flowers. It has even been known to find widely separated patches of the same flower and carry pollen between them to improve the diversity and health of the resulting seeds. Despite not drinking nectar or gaining any nutrients for this behavior, the Nyatdis play the pollinator for the opportunity to consume the seeds these plants will drop later. Consuming the seeds provides them energy and in turn, the stray seeds caught up in their fur while eating can be moved to a new location, encouraging the spread of plants in locations they haven't grown before. During seasons when seeds are scarce, they will enter hibernation by hiding away in burrows built by other creatures to wait out these periods of famine.


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