Trait Categories

Mhoat Aethic Tones

These traits are mandatory for both Land and Aquatic mhoats.

Aethic Tones
Mhoats tend to have a set range of colors on their aethic, commonly called goo, these colors appear on all internal parts of their body from bones, organs, and even muscles. It's common for a mhoat to have one to two colors present on their goo and occasionally a mutation occurs where they will have three colors on display. There are additional traits that can add further colors, but any trait that does this will have a note in its description.

The important thing to know about colors is that a single color is counted as any color with a maximum range of 15. For example, say a mhoat has one color with a hue number of 28 and another with a hue number of 38; these colors would count as a single color. However, if the hue numbers were 28 and 45, this would mean the mhoat had two colors present and would instead require double tone goo as a trait.

The following traits limit which colors you can use for your mhoat's goo:

Pastel Goo
This goo trait allows for lighter colors that fall outside of the range for normal mhoat goo colors. Any color with a Saturation between 15 and 30 and a Value/Brightness between 80 and 95 falls under Pastel Goo.

Shade Goo
This goo trait allows for darker goo colors that fall outside of the normal range for mhoat goo colors. Any color with a Saturation of 100 and a Value/Brightness between 25 and 5 falls under Shade Goo. 

Grayscale Goo
This trait allows mhoat's goo to have colors that range from white to black, which includes shades of gray that lack hints of color. Any color that has either a Saturation under 15 or a Value/Brightness under 5, falls under grayscale Goo.

When checking any mhoat goo colors please use HSV/HSB to check, or input your Hexcode into Google, to see if they match the values listed above.

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