Grayscale Goo

Grayscale Goo (Mythic)

Category: Mhoat Aethic Tones
Species: Mhoats

This trait allows mhoat's goo to have colors that range from white to black, which includes shades of gray that lack hints of color. Any color that has either a Saturation under 15 or a Value/Brightness under 5, falls under Grayscale Goo. Please use HSV/HSB to check, or input your Hexcode into Google, to see if this matches.

Pure grayscale, which has equal parts red, green, and blue, and therefore has a saturation of 0, defaults to a hue of 0° in most art programs. In reality, it is the exact same color no matter what degree of hue it is at, with the only possible change depending on brightness/value. Because of this, pure grayscale will not count as an additional tone.

Alternate Types
  • Greyscale Goo (Mythic)

    The trait has recently switched from international english to more US-styled english, and is therefore renamed "Grayscale Goo".

    This version of the trait should not be on any character, if you spot this on a character, please let the administration know.

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