Spectrum Goo

Spectrum Goo (Mythic)

Category: Mhoat Aethic Tones
Species: Mhoats

This goo shifts across a pre-determined set of colors over time, mhoats with this trait are usually unable to control the color shift or even stop it to display only a single color. It's possible for this trait to only affect parts of the goo and leave other sections with their own colors. When drawn a mhoat may be shown with all the colors of their gradient shown or only a few present.

When a character has this trait, it will not be required to have Single Tone Goo, Double Tone Goo, or Triad Goo, as it overrides the color limit. However, if it is specified that this trait only affects certain parts of the Mhoat and not the entire body, you will still need to heed the color limits and thus require the traits.

When submitting a design with this trait you will need to have a gradient bar present as shown in the trait example so we can make sure it follows the trait guidelines above and so that anyone using the masterlist as a reference can easily pull the colors and replicate the gradient easily.

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