Eeled (Potion)

Category: Mhoat Body
Species: Mhoats (Aquatic subtype)

Aquatic mhoats with this trait are fairly unique in appearance with their body entirely lacking limbs and their face developing a shape similar to some eels or even seahorses. These mhoats even tend to have larger than average eyes and additional vents form along their body in the places where fins would sprout.

Alternate Types
  • Slither (Potion)
    Species: Mhoats (Land subtype)

    Land mhoats with this trait form a long noodley body, a slender tube-like snout, and appear to lack sections of exposed goo often seen in many of their fellow mhoats. Despite lacking front limbs, these mhoats seem to have additional muscular strength throughout the long portions of their body allowing them to wrap and curl around themselves to maintain balance and avoid dragging their bodies across the ground.

  • Slither (Potion)
    Species: Vabbits

    Vabbits with this trait appear to have entirely lost their back limbs, instead forming a prehensile snake-like tail that is used for mobility in place of the missing limbs. Additionally, they have a long snout resembling those seen on aardvark and anteaters.

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