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December Updates and Event

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"Happy Starlight Gala, everyone! I hope you enjoy this lovely December. Now we have quite a bit of news for you! I do hope you enjoy it~"

News- Welcome

"Firstly, let's start with some of the simpler things,

  • We now have a live clock installed on the site so you can see the timezone to tell when prompts will end.
  • As well as a new MYO slot claim prompt, you can use this to make an MYO item into a slot.
  • Now all NPCs, such as my lovely self, can be found on the master list by a trait. All of which, are welcome to be drawn if needed or if you desire to.
  • Alongside all of this is the awards system we've added. More on that soon enough.

I hope you enjoy these little things!"

Here is a link to the Information:

MYO slot claim prompt -


NPC List -[]=261

"Now onto the big events!!! The Starlight Gala is now upon us, a new shop has opened with plenty of goodies. The Starlight Gala marks the beginning of winter, heavier snowfall is blanketing the islands, many mhoats will find it's nicer inside where it's warm. New events are being set up, keeping everyone together to have fun for the coming year. It's a time for gifts and spending time together. The Gala itself is a formal occasion where mhoats get together to show off their best fashion and have some fun before winter sets in fully."

Starlight Gala Header

"Alongside the Gala, there is a new shop that manages seasonal trait upgrades and pets. They have a unique currency, which you can earn by participating in the Gala. I do hope you enjoy checking it out~ Which speaking of extras, there will be two types of badges or awards for participating in the Gala as well! One for in general and the other for gift art."

Starlight Gala Shop

Badge Link:

"I'd also like to mention that the raffle for Spectrum and Mood Ring has ended! Spectrum will be going to mewhaku and Mood Ring will be going to aurenbunni! Congrats you two lovely mhoatlings!! I do hope you take care of these two~"

News- Wave

"There is also a monthly prompt out for those who'd want to do something else or extra. Please be mindful of others and stay warm and take care. I'll be bundling up my cold bones that's for sure!"

News End

General updates and Raffle

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"Hello everyone! So we have a bit of exciting news from the lovely mhoat moderators!! So let me get you all up to date."

News- Welcome

"First of all, we added some basic lore about our species, Mhoats. It has some basic guidelines to help you make your own when you wish to. Alongside some details about the type of natural magics that mhoats can learn to use. Be sure to click info and then Mhoat Species Info to get there. Or use the link that I, your lovely guide Inkwell, will give you."

Here is a link to the Information:

"Besides that major update, we have smaller updates such as:

  • A Terms of Service page has been added to the site.
  • Traits are now listed by category in each mhoat's masterlist entry.
  • Sidebars have been added to the left side of the News and Sales sections for easy navigation.
  • There is now a pet bonus for art! Meaning if you draw a pet that you own, you'll get bonus caps.

I do hope you enjoy these Quality of Life changes~"

Pet Shop Header

"Speaking of pets! Anisa, our lovely pet shop owner, has opened their shop has opened their shop where you can buy pets along with special MYO pet slots. They allow you two minor, one major alteration and a unique set of colors and markings to a pet of your choosing. So please have fun checking out the shop!"

Raffle Image

Here is a link to the Raffle:

"One last surprise! This one is just for you guys, only the best, I swear. A raffle for one of the designs above!!! You can read up on the new prompt to find out how to enter for one of these lovely designs! It'll end on the last day of this month, the 30th, so be sure to try to enter if you'd want to have the chance to own one of these designs."

News End

Cap Boosters

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"Hello again, you wonderful little mhoats!. Our lovely mhoat mods have realized that the caps booster was kind of awkwardly implemented, so we're going to do it a little bit differently going forth."

News- Boosters

"On the prompts pages a new claim option can be found specifically meant for the use of Cap Boosters. You'll now have a month to submit a prompt to claim your triple rewards. Which, you'll have to add the caps booster as an add-on to the correct prompt and link to the gallery submission you'd want to triple the rewards on."

Here is a link to the prompt:

"If it's all done well, you'll receive twice the rewards as the original gallery submission rewards from this prompt, meaning you'll have had triple the rewards in total. Our apologies for the late notice and possible inconvenience caused by this."

News End

New Prompt and Sales

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"Hello, I am back again so soon! I honestly can't keep away from you amazing mhoats and mhoatlings. You give me the attention that I always need and crave."

News Welcome

"I kid, I kid. I am here with the news that there is a trick-or-treating event going on. We have had it planned for it to happen earlier, but it seems a delay had happened. I found out that the whole delay was an overabundance of food. So the event is going on until the end of next month. Each time you participate, you get a gift baggie for each entry. That applies only to the main artist(s). Be sure to post to the gallery and submit the link to the correct activities' prompt."

Prompt Header

News Tricky Treat

"Remember to go to activities and then submissions to claim the baggie. With that, we are going into the Spookier season which we have some new and old mhoats looking for homes. Please do check them out when you get the chance!"

Halloween Adopts

News End


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"Well, well, well, it looks like it's been quite a while since anyone's been around here. Even the old news mhoat seems a bit skeletal now! If you don't mind the pun~"

News Welcome

"Well, never mind all that! Let's wipe off the cobwebs and freshen things up a bit! To start, Welcome to the Realm of Mynros young mhoats and mhoatlings! I am Inkwell, your lovely and not at all vain, tour guide."

News Caps

"So, much has changed and remained the same, you can still join in prompts and even the default rewards for caps. A difference is that if you do art for another, the giftee is welcome to get half of the reward in return as well! This does apply to commissioned work as well. For YCHs and base work, the artist will earn the full amount like before for the first piece only. In return, the giftee or the one who bought the YCH can earn half only for the first piece they have gotten.

Collabs still have the same rule in place, both partners earn the full amount, no giftee bonus for them though, that would be just rude~ With that being said, if you have received art before, you are always welcomed to ask for the new giftee bonus. Although if you've done art previously and gotten the caps for it, the amount earned won't be updated. This applies only to those who have received art."

News Items

"On the topic of acquiring caps, our prompts will now be arranged monthly and be running alongside the seasonal events. This doesn't include mini-events or Magic Trials. Those will pop up from time to time! The rewards for those will vary unless it's the Magic Trials which will earn magic for your mhoat. About the seasonal events running alongside the prompts, each will be going on for three months before switching to the next and they only earn their respective currencies now. Even the giftee can only earn the respective currency. New things such as traits or pets can be added once the next season hits so be ready for them and keep an eye out! Your eye out, well, in your head. You know what I mean just don't be plucking eyes out for these new things. And if you don't have eyes like me, uh..... wait.

Well! About those seasonal traits!! Yes! You no longer need to buy the specific seasonal trait you'd like! Each season now has a delicious treat to nom on, to give your mhoats any of that season's traits. We have the Fruitdrop Jelly a lovely spring treat, the Tidal Sundae only the sweetest for summer, the Ghoul's Delight a bit bitter but right on time for fall, and finally the lovely Minty Cake for the long and cold winter days.

Now, you only get one trait per treat though! So, please do be mindful that eating two treats for two seasonal traits doesn't mean that you don't need a mutation stone in certain cases. Such the multiple tail mutation! You can have two seasonal tails with a mutation stone for that trait. Otherwise, you'd just be wasting the first treat. No cheats only treats ~"


"Another point that should be mentioned is that if you'd like to help out the group, we are still looking for Mhoat Mods!
If you'd like to help out art-wise or help writing-wise then please do consider checking it out and all the benefits that come with it."


"Now, in the last bit of my marvelous News! Do click the info button and do read the lore~ It's a bit of our world and our magic that I'd like to be shared with you all. As well as once you join, if you have items or caps from previous earnings, they will be given to you as soon as the mod(erate) mhoats, I mean the Mhoat Mods are available to do so!

News Panic

*Please don't fire me it was a joke* 

Ahem, anyway, I hope you enjoy your stay and the company with that please so stop by the general shop for a lovely welcoming bundle~ I, Inkwell, your lovely and wonderful tour guide is out. Until next time, take care, you wonderful young mhoats, and mhoatlings!"

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